Keratin Gloves Hands

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Keratin Gloves is a hydrating and nourishing keratin cosmetic treatment for hands. It is a revolutionary method for saving time and money for manicures, formulated with 100% active ingredients of plant origin derived from renewable sources, it is hygienic and safe and helps prevent mycosis. Indispensable for preparing nails for manicure, hydrating the skin, softening cuticles and strengthening nails. Also excellent as a moisturizer and massage lotion.

The package contains a pair of gloves with Keratin for professional use


- Remove nail polish and file nails

- Put on your socks and leave them on for 10 minutes.

- Gently massage the Keratin cream around the nails and cuticles.

- Cut the tip of the glove for each nail proceeding with the treatment of the nails and cuticles

- Remove or push cuticles. Keratin cream eliminates the need for water or cuticle oil.

- Remove the glove after 10 minutes and massage the excess cream to hydrate your arms and legs

- Remove excess cream on your nails with a paper towel before applying nail polish.


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