Sheets and bedspreads

Sheets and bed covers for beauty centers made of different materials such as: TNT , cellulose , sponge , Cartene / PLP

TNT is the generic term to indicate an industrial product similar to a fabric but obtained with processes other than weaving (crossing of warp and weft threads using a loom) and knitting. It guarantees resistance and water repellency at both low and high temperatures and the material is soft and suitable for contact with the skin

Cellulose, on the other hand, is a 100% natural non-woven product without the addition of chemicals.

The 100% cotton sponge , washable at high temperatures, if used in addition to disposable paper or towel, limits breakages and slipping, as well as making the bed warmer and more comfortable .

PLP/Cartene or propylene has the characteristic of being resistant to many solvents which makes it one of the most used materials in beauty centers

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