Eyebrows are a fundamental detail on our face, they are the frame of our eyes and what helps us enhance our gaze. All you need to do is take care of them regularly and treat them like our best friends to be repaid and benefit from all their gratitude.

The tweezers are the tool for outlining the eyebrows, in this section we offer you the tweezers for every need and dexterity. Choose between the different tips (flat, oblique, pointed), grips (classic or ergonomic) and compositions (stainless steel or titanium).

Choose flat tip tweezers if you need to remove thick, hard hair and with the right pressure you will be able to grab the hair without breaking it.

However, if you need tweezers capable of reaching long and short hairs, which is easy and comfortable to use, purchase tweezers with an oblique tip .

Finally, tweezers with a pointed tip are the most precise and professional, and allow you to pluck even the shortest hairs.

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