Dren Effect Soaked Leggings - 3 Treatments

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Our comfortable tights have been soaked in a soft gel containing saturated Dead Sea Salt, which is known for its skin-regenerating and soothing properties. Dead Sea Salt contains natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium, which help regenerate skin cells, improve hydration and reduce inflammation.

In addition to Dead Sea Salt, our tights contain an iodized compound that enhances the effect of salt on the skin. This compound helps improve blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting the drainage of excess fluids and reducing water retention.

Our tights are specific for subjects who have skin blemishes related to water retention, such as swelling, heaviness in the legs and orange peel skin. Thanks to its specific action, the tights help reduce water retention and improve the appearance of the skin, making it more toned, smooth and uniform. Furthermore, thanks to its soft texture and perfect fit, the tights offer a comfortable and pleasant experience.


1st-3rd-5th evening:
1) Open the sachet containing the disposable thong and put it on
2) open the bag containing the polypropylene trousers and keep them handy
3) following the opening prompt, open the pantyhose bag, then open the zip
4) Remove the tights, taking care to let the excess active gel drip off and keep the bag near the sink
5) Gently open the tights and fit them naturally starting from the tip of the foot
6) Then wear the polypropylene trousers over the tights and fold them at the waist simply with your hands
7) Now relax on the sofa or in your favorite way, you'll see that you won't get anything dirty!!
8) After 40-50 minutes (or more if you have the chance) go back to the toilet and take off both your polypropylene trousers and your tights
9) Rinse the tights carefully under running water (without detergents) then wring them out and place them in the bag;
10) Massage the excess product remaining on the skin vigorously, until completely absorbed
11) Finally, pour half of the refill gel into the bag where you placed the tights close the bag with the zip and close the refill. Now the pantyhose will soak again in an optimal way to be able to reuse it.
The active gel refill is sufficient to repeat the same treatment on the 3rd and 5th evening


Aqua (water), Maris sal (Sea Salt), Tea-hydroiodide, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Profumo/parfum (fragrance), Polysorbate-20, Phenoxyethanol, Ci42090 (Acid Blue 9)


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