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Everything you need for your beauty center

Discover all the essential and professional supplies to work in comfort and safety

On you can find all the professional supplies necessary to guarantee your safety and that of your clients: professional supplies , disposable material and clothing, treatment accessories, professional equipment and equipment.

diroestetica cartene bedspread

What are the risks for workers and customers of the beauty centre?

Overload of the back-lumbar area caused by incongruous postures and of the upper limbs, caused by repeated movements.

Procedures to avoid it:

  • adequate work spaces : with the new safety regulations in the workplace it is necessary to have spaces available that allow distancing between customer and worker and between customers themselves (for example in the waiting room). Where distancing between workers and customers is not possible, as in treatments, make sure you have good air circulation and always use masks and gloves.
  • The choice of work stool: in the work stool the ergonomic backrest and the directional wheels are fundamental elements as they allow movement without incurring effort, remaining supported on the backrest, thus keeping the back in the correct position. If we want maximum comfort, a fundamental feature of the stool is the possibility of adjusting the height of the seat and backrest.
  • Treatment table: treatment tables must be adjustable in height or, if possible, different for each cabin in relation to the height, the position of the operator and the treatment to be carried out. The danger of making unnatural movements or remaining in uncomfortable and tense positions for a long time could result in disorders of the cervical and lumbar area. This is why it is important to be able to bring the client to the right height to work in the correct position.
  • Table and Armchairs : For nail technique and manicure treatments you need to make sure you have a table with dimensions that allow for distancing and allow freedom of movement for the operator. As we will see below, solvent aspirators are indispensable in nail art.
  • Make use of special podiatry and adjustable chairs to ensure comfort and safety during podiatry treatments. We recommend using a storage trolley , possibly with wheels, so as to have everything you need at hand without having to constantly move to find the equipment.
  • Tools : Ergonomic tools, on the other hand, are essential to avoid overloading the hand muscles, they must guarantee a firm grip through non-slip coatings or parts. Furthermore, it is very important that the dimensions of the instruments are suitable for the size of the hands. For this reason you can find a wide range of wire cutters and wire cutters suitable for every need

Underwire Pedicure in Stainless Steel Diroestetica

Risks of prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals

Contact with nail polish remover, application of cosmetics, nail polish remover or disinfectant substances is dangerous for those who breathe it.

The first thing to do is to have good air quality with an exchange through natural ventilation or alternatively a localized aspirator is recommended which allows you to effectively remove all harmful substances circulating in the environment.

Beauticians must work at the maximum possible distance from the application point. To help your vision and better identify the affected area, 3 to 5 diopter lenses come in handy which, thanks to the joints, are easily maneuverable and directable.

Remember to always respect the warnings and instructions on the product labels and make sure they all have an airtight seal . Store solvents in closed, designated spaces.

Disposable as a practical and safe tool

Disposable clothing plays a fundamental role in preventing contact with harmful agents that cling to clothing fabrics. This is why it is important to use protective tools with special materials such as TNT (non-woven fabric).

TNT is the generic term to indicate an industrial product similar to a fabric but obtained with processes other than weaving (crossing of warp and weft threads using a loom) and knitting.

Therefore in a non-woven the fibers present a random pattern, without identifying any ordered structure while in a fabric the fibers present two prevalent and orthogonal directions to each other (warp and weft). The manufacturing typically uses fibers arranged in layers or crossed that are joined together mechanically (for example with needles), with adhesives or with thermal processes.

TNT clothing is highly recommended for the safety of the operator and the customer as it is not reused but disposed of according to procedures.

In addition to safety, it also guarantees great comfort due to its ability to adapt to the person's physical structure . provides everything you need: slippers , shoe covers , headbands , caps , aprons , gloves , underwear , masks and trousers .

disposable apron for beauty center supplies

All the products necessary for covering equipment and customer care are also made from disposable material, such as: bed covers and sheets , towels , make-up remover wipes , mats and sarongs .

diroestetica puttying wipes

By following the procedures listed above you can improve your quality of work while safeguarding physical problems and muscle pain. You will find benefits by being able to work in comfort and safety with everything you need to safeguard your health.

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