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Professional technique for semi-permanent gel

Care and protocol for nail treatment

Don't know how to best treat your nails? No problem, with this article we will deal in depth with all the techniques for applying nail polish, for nail care and the protocols to follow.

Our advice for caring for your nails is to rely on expert hands who will be able to evaluate what is best suited to your needs.

The beautician will be able to recognize if your hands have weak nails, with cracks, too thin or flaking as well as the skin around them which may be dry and chapped or with wounds due to having removed hangnails in the wrong way.

Resorting to do it yourself seems like the simplest way but very often professionals find themselves having to fix a mess since, not only could the result not be aesthetically pleasing, but there is a risk of ruining their nail by thinning and weakening it.

Especially during the removal phase , if performed incorrectly, the nail can painfully break. So be careful when using tools and nail polishes which only experts should use.

Nails, like skin, should not be neglected, it is not enough to take care of your hands with creams as nails also need their own nutrients.

There are various reasons that lead to nail deterioration such as: incorrect nutrition, low temperatures, frequent use of detergents, nail polishes and solvents and lack of hydration and nutrition of the nail.

What to do to protect your nails?

With the use of creams, scrubs and healing nail polishes, we can prevent the deterioration of the nail. Curative nail polishes are certainly the most important and specific products, so let's look at them in detail

Extremely multifunctional healing nail polish , perfect for those looking for a simple and multipurpose product. Combines multiple properties: base, top, glossy effect, quick nail polish dryer, hardener for weak nails, filler with a leveling and lightening effect.

Hardening nail polish suitable for the treatment of soft, thin, fragile and formaldehyde-free nails. Excellent as a base and top, alone or in combination with colored nail polishes. Contains real diamond dust for an unprecedented glossy effect and UV filter that protects the shine and pigments of colored nail polishes.

⦁ Effective restructuring serum for nail growth. This healing nail polish is based on Biotin (Vitamin H), Keratin, calcium and silk proteins which perform an important synergistic and biostimulating action. Particularly suitable for thin nails or those that tend to grow slowly.

Repair nail polish ideal for highlighting the splendor of your nails again. It is a regenerating treatment of the nail bed aimed at combating the yellowing of natural and reconstructed nails. Luminous in the dark.

Once your nails are healthy it's time to move on to semi-permanent gel, what is it and how does it work?

Diroestetica launches the new semi-permanent gel characterized by a new and special formulation with self-levelling properties, the semi-permanent gel polish adheres perfectly to the natural nail, allows you to correct any imperfections, and makes the nail much more resistant to impacts, for a flawless and lasting up to 4 weeks.

The importance of self-leveling the nail polish is due to the perfect adhesion to the nail which allows you to correct any type of imperfection.

Its high viscosity allows you to level the nail to your liking by modifying its shape without using files.

This type of gel has a high degree of compactness but at the same time remains flexible and uniform and does not create unevenness, keeping the nail smooth and shiny.

The protocol to follow is as follows

  1. Spray the almond oil cleaner directly on your hands or feet to degrease the nail
  2. Push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher
  3. Mattify nails with buffer
  4. If necessary, to optimize adhesion, apply a thin layer of adhesion optimizer. polymerize 120 sec. uv or 60 sec led
  5. Apply a layer of semi-permanent soak-off base, paying particular attention to sealing the tip and without touching the cuticles. polymerize 120 sec. uv or 60 sec led
  6. Apply a thin layer of colored semi-permanent gel. polymerize 120 sec. uv or 60 sec led
  7. If necessary, apply a second thin layer of colored semi-permanent gel. polymerize 120 sec. uv or 60 sec led
  8. Apply a thin layer of semi-permanent top, paying attention to the sides and tip and cure for 120 sec. uv or 60 sec led

The peculiarity of these glazes, in addition to being self-levelling, is the soak off removal technique.

What does the soak off technique consist of?

This technique, which is placed between the gel and the semi-permanent, does not require a file, like normal nail polishes, but is removed using special solvents. They are softer products than gel and do not create a thick layer on the nail but mold themselves onto it.

Removal protocol

  1. Apply Aluminum Foil soaked in Removal Soak-Off to the nail
  2. Leave to act for 10/12 minutes (depending on the type of nail, thickness and colour)
  3. Remove the semi-permanent gel polish with a wooden stick.
  4. Use the buffer to buff your nails and apply cuticle oil

For greater gel hold, Diroestetica has also created the semi-permanent Super Bond , an adhesive gel that is applied directly to the nail before applying the base.

Guarantees a strong fixation of the base and nail polish for perfect adhesion and resistance of the nail for up to 4 weeks

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