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Professional cosmetics for beauticians and beauty centers

High quality cabin lines for all types of treatments

Diroestetica launches the new professional line for beauticians and beauty centers. The high quality lines are divided according to the customer's needs with targeted protocols for face and body.

The protocols are a set of cosmetics which, used according to the procedures, have a beneficial action according to the objective you want to achieve. They are divided into: hydrating, anti-aging, nourishing, purifying, cellulite, firming .

Facial Protocols

Moisturizing with lifting effect

The LIFT MULTI AGE line is composed of a face cream for day and night, a mask with botox-like peptides, an eye contour with hyaluronic acid and sweet almond oil, a face serum, a scrub with an illuminating effect, a hydrating and antioxidant cleansing milk and the facial tonic with hydrating and refreshing lotion.

Thanks to the natural active ingredients, with elasticising, emollient and soothing effects, the products provide exceptional hydration to the skin , making it synergistic and silky.

Thanks to the anti-aging substances, the barrier function is re-established, releasing softness and firmness. They are suitable for any skin type and age, excellent against skin blemishes.

Anti-aging action

The TIME CONTROL anti age line consists of a face mask , face cream , scrub , eye contour with Botox-like peptides and plant stem cells , face tonic and cleansing milk .

The time control protocol is a cosmetic treatment with a regenerating action that helps fight the signs of skin aging .

Thanks to the presence of stem cells , which stimulate the renewal of epidermis cells and carry out, as they are rich in antioxidant substances, a protective action against free radicals, they counteract the phenomena of skin deterioration.

Furthermore, the emollient and hydrating properties guarantee soft and silky skin, leaving it protected and smooth.


The nourishing NUTRISKIN line consists of a face mask , face cream , scrub , eye contour with hyaluronic acid, face tonic and cleansing milk .

Protocol with a nourishing and antioxidant action , contains liposomes, vitamins and plant extracts with an illuminating effect.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind a large quantity of water molecules, consequently improving long-term skin hydration by presenting an excellent filler effect. After application the skin feels soft, plumped and uniform.

Impure skin

The purifying PURE SKIN line consists of a clay mask, face cream for impure skin, scrub, eye contour with hyaluronic acid, face tonic and cleansing milk.

The skin-purifying and uniforming action combines with the antioxidant properties of vitamins. The principles are dedicated to impure skin, giving it shine and elasticity, nourishing the skin deeply and restoring the right level of hydration.

Body Protocols


NUTRISKIN body is composed of creamy mud scrub with vegetable granules, hydrating and nourishing body cream and serum.

Its formula rich in natural active ingredients that nourish the skin and hydrate it.

Furthermore, its creamy texture facilitates massage, allowing a better distribution of the functional ingredients for a hydrating, smoothing and uniforming action . It guarantees re-mineralization with emollient and soothing effects.

Anti cellulite

LIPOCREAM body is composed of gel with a protective and refreshing vessel action, carnitine cream, body scrub and anti-cellulite adjuvant serum.

The cosmetic treatment rich in natural active ingredients with smoothing, lipolytic and vessel-protective properties useful for combating the skin blemishes of cellulite.

They guarantee a draining and anti-edema action, giving elasticity to the skin , improving its tone and reducing the thickness of the orange peel tissue. They offer relief and lightness by promoting the strengthening of the walls of the veins helping to improve trophism.


RASSOTONIC body is composed of white clay mud, cream with ivy and centella extracts, body scrub and adjuvant serum.

The line with a firming and toning action is essential for the treatment of cellulite and fat deposits . It gives greater tone and elasticity to the tissues for a slimming and firming effect.

Composed of completely natural ingredients that activate the elimination of toxins by strengthening and stimulating skin microcirculation. It activates local fat metabolism and promotes draining processes, accelerating the skin's repair process.

The needs of our customers have led us to create various types of professional treatments differentiated according to precise objectives.

Diroestetica provides perfect protocols for the improvement and care of the body and skin of any type.

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