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Semi-permanent gel and nail polish: application and removal guide

Semi-permanent nail polish is now part of our everyday life, and for years it has definitely put the classic air-drying nail polish on the bench. But what are its potential advantages?

Most women prefer it because it lasts longer , doesn't chip , always remains shiny and allows us to always feel put together and cared for. This type of nail polish is very delicate on the nail, does not weigh it down and covers it in its natural length and shape.

The semi-permanent gel is much less aggressive, both during application and removal, compared to other covering or lengthening techniques and does not require filing or cutters. For this reason I like to define it as more "delicate".

The colors of the DIRO Nails professional gel range

The DIRO NAILS line offers us a wide range of colors , to satisfy any type of personality and need! Many shades of red, from the pinkest to the darkest, different types of 'nude' and grey, up to the more casual colors such as light blue, green or yellow!

How to apply semi-permanent nail polish

Our gel is self-levelling and adheres perfectly to the shape of the nail without creating depressions or 'shrinking' once applied over the nail plate.

Its application is as simple as its removal, which will be carried out without filing but simply with a soak-off that dissolves the product without causing damage .

The steps necessary for applying the gel

  • Mattify your nails with Buffer .
  • IF NECESSARY , to optimize adhesion, apply a thin layer of Super Bond . Polymerize 120 sec. UV or 60 sec. LEDs
  • Apply a layer of Soak-off Semi-Permanent Base , paying particular attention to sealing the tip and without touching the cuticles. Polymerize 120 sec. UV or 60 sec. LEDs
  • Apply a thin layer of colored Semi-Permanent Gel (it is precisely here that you will realize how important the self-leveling characteristic of this product is). Polymerize 120 sec. UV or 60 sec. LEDs
  • IF NECESSARY , apply a second thin layer of colored semi-permanent gel. Polymerize 120 sec. UV or 60 sec. LEDs
  • Apply a thin layer of Top Semipermanente paying attention to the sides and tip and cure for 120 sec. UV or 60 sec. LEDs
  • Polish and hydrate the nail with Almond Oil Cleaning

How to remove our semi-permanent gel

As regards the removal of DIRO semi-permanent from nails, the steps must be as follows:

  • Apply aluminum foil soaked in Removal Soak-Off to the nail
  • Leave to act for 10/12 minutes (depending on the type of nail, thickness and colour)
  • Remove the semi-permanent gel polish with a wooden stick.
  • Polish your nails with Buffer and apply cuticle oil
  • Polish and hydrate the nail with almond oil cleansing

How long does semi-permanent nail polish last

The DIRO gel will have guaranteed you a perfect and shiny manicure for 2/3 weeks , and after removal you will not notice your nails damaged or weakened at all.

Seeing is believing!!

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