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What are the differences between builder gels, semi-permanent gels and nail polishes?

We try to clarify the world of nail care in the eyes of your customers. There is often a lot of confusion as the term gel is used for both reconstructors and semi-permanent products, thus creating often incorrect ideas in the minds of customers which lead to misunderstandings regarding treatment requests.

The reconstructor gel is suitable if your nails are brittle and damaged or if your nails are short and you want a more noticeable length. The reconstructor gel, thanks to its characteristics, allows you to reconstruct the nail entirely and according to your aesthetic needs. There are different types of builder gels, let's see some of them:

Triphasic Nail Gel

The three-phase gel has an application process in three phases, base, gel and top. The transparent base is applied and adheres perfectly to the nail, achieving excellent adhesion.

Subsequently, the builder gel is applied to create the curvature and it is modeled giving great shine and brilliance . Finally, the sealant which is used to seal everything, allowing long life and optimal polishing.

Monophasic Nail Gel

The monophasic gel allows you to have the same result as the three-phase gel by using a single product as base, gel and closing top. This may seem advantageous on an economic level but this is often not the case as the ml of product used does not vary and holding times can be shortened.


The acrylic reconstructor, more versatile and precise than the reconstructor gel, is often used in advanced techniques such as micro painting and 3D nail art. The acrylic reconstructor is much more resistant to chemical agents thanks to the union between polymers and monomers. Furthermore, it does not require curing in a lamp but dries in the air.

The semi-permanent gel, on the other hand, does not allow the nail to be reconstructed, lengthened or modelled, but is applied to the nail itself, forming a thin and colored layer.

There are also semi-permanent gels with different characteristics, in this case we will talk to you about all the advantages of our new semi-permanent gel which, thanks to its self-levelling properties, allows you to cover and reconstruct small defects or abrasions on the nail.

A photo-hardening product that is applied like normal nail polish and also fixed with a LED - UV lamp.

The protocol consists of several steps: it is necessary to apply a super bond for greater adhesion in the case of oily nails , then the base is applied, the colored gel and finally the top which seals everything ensuring a longer duration.

The nail polish increases , imperceptibly to the eye, the thickness of the nails and makes them more resistant and beautiful to look at.

The application is easy as is its removal , in fact thanks to the soak-off technique it can be removed without using files, but using special solvents that allow the nail polish to be removed as if it were a film. This technique ensures that the nail is not affected in the slightest by the removal process

Lastly, the classic weekly nail polish , which has a shorter duration than the others but allows you to change color , according to your tastes and needs, very quickly and easily even in complete autonomy.

Nail polish is made up of solvents and some can be excessively aggressive causing damage to the nail and the skin around it so be careful when choosing.

There are many types and colors of nail polishes, you can combine them with any shade you want , there are also glitter nail polishes, with variations in pigments and much more.

Main characteristic of the enamels

  • Easily spreadable - without leaving residues and unpleasant lines.
  • Colorful - pigmentation is important to reflect your tastes. It must give a bright and homogeneous color.
  • Resistant - the nail polish must protect the nail and strengthen it. It must protect it from UV rays and resist it without changing the color
  • Long-lasting - regardless of how much you want to wear a certain nail polish, it is important that it reflects the pre-established duration and that above all it maintains its brilliance and lucidity not only for the first days of application but until its removal or natural deterioration
  • Safe - the nail polish must not be irritating or cause brittleness problems or change the natural color of the nail. Furthermore, the substances must not be harmful to humans or the environment

Composition of the glazes

  • Solvents - with the aim of dissolving and diluting the nail polish making it more spreadable and soft. The volatility of solvents is critical to their drying.
  • Resins - they are responsible for providing adhesiveness, resistance and shine to the enamel.
  • Gelling agents - which cause the enamel pigments to remain in suspension, making them less viscous
  • Pigments - responsible for coloring the enamel
  • Plasticizers - which thanks to their formation help in spreading the nail polish
  • Functional additions - the best nail polishes have in addition natural extracts with emollient, hydrating or nourishing characteristics. Like those who insert jojoba oil which makes the nail polish fluid and easily applicable, vitamins and softening substances.

The nail polish should be chosen based on your tastes and needs , we recommend using a classic nail polish if you already have strong and resistant nails and if you prefer to change color more easily.

The builder gel for those who want to reshape and change the shape of their nails. The semi-permanent gel for those who don't want to give up a resistant and beautiful manicure.

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