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Body bandages and pressure therapy against cellulite and water retention

Body wraps and pressotherapy are an infallible tool against cellulite and water retention

If you often feel your legs swollen and heavy and every step or step makes you tired, you are most likely suffering from a water retention disorder.

Water retention is the tendency to retain liquids in the body especially in the area of ​​the buttocks, legs and abdomen where fat is most present, while cellulite is the alteration of the subcutaneous tissue present beneath the skin. The causes can be genetic, hormonal and vascular, aggravated by stress, a sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits.

How to understand if you suffer from water retention?

The first thing that is evident is the presence of edema, i.e. an abnormal swelling due to an accumulation of liquids in the tissues. Due to the impaired circulation, toxins also stagnate together with the liquids. All this does nothing but alter cellular metabolism, which is already compromised by the poor supply of oxygen.

A further symptom may be swelling of the legs and hands, which can be checked simply by pressing on the affected areas.

If upon release the tissue takes a long time to return to its starting conformation we are most likely faced with a symptom of water retention.

What to do to combat water retention and cellulite?

This is where hot or cold bandages and pressotherapy come into play. They can be used separately but are designed for an even more effective treatment if applied together.

The Bandages

There are two types of soaked bandages : hot and cold , both with different functions according to needs.

Hot bandage

It allows vasodilation or the increase in the volume of the veins and thanks to the heat they stimulate peripheral circulation , fat metabolism and tissue oxygenation focused on circulation producing reducing, detoxifying and purifying effects.

Thanks to the lipolytic and drainage properties of stagnant liquids, it has the ability to split the fats of local adiposity leading to a notable reduction in lipids.

Its properties act to thin the circumference, emptying the areas most affected by cellulite of liquids and reshaping the silhouette. The result is smooth and uniform skin with reduced orange peel , reduces fat mass and eliminates local swelling.

Hot bandage - CELL EFFECT

Cold bandage

More suitable in case of swelling, edema and water retention , as they have a firming, reducing and anti-cellulite action. Unlike hot bandages, they counteract vasodilation by acting on the sensation of heaviness and swelling.

It improves and reinvigorates circulation, the lymphatic system and has a beneficial effect on adipose metabolism.

It has toning and stimulating properties, brings benefits to muscle tone and the ability to increase blood circulation by improving cellular nourishment, thus obtaining more toned, more homogeneous and velvety skin, a body with more defined contours and appearance.

Cold bandage - CRIO TONIC


Pressotherapy acts on circulation, liquids and drainage, purifying the skin of stagnant substances and toxins. From the term pressotherapy we can already understand that its functioning acts precisely on the pressure of the body through a machine in which the patient is wrapped.

The motors favor a draining massage thanks to the lymphatic drainage technique, acting on the areas where liquids and toxins are blocked, re-establishing the micro circulation and the natural disposal of substances.

A specific sequence for a generalized and widespread massage on the legs, buttocks and abdomen, very pleasant and relaxing, useful for improving your silhouette, toning and combating cellulite.

For clear results, however, it is necessary to rely on professional beauticians who will be able to best choose the most suitable protocol to follow according to the shape of your body.

Generally, in order to have a visible and measurable difference, you need 8/12 sessions which you can divide into several appointments.

It is important to remember to continue with other cycles of sessions and not limit yourself only to the use of pressotherapy but to accompany specific treatments such as bandages all over the body.

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