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Tired eyes: what possible solutions?

The time has come to talk about the famous and much hated tired eyes .

How many of us have looked in the mirror throughout our lives and thought we wanted to improve the area around our eyes? I answer, almost all of them!

This area should always be treated with greater attention than other parts of the body, regardless of the individual's skin type, and this is for several reasons.

The main causes of tired eyes

There are several factors responsible for this skin blemish on the face and they could be:

  • bad rest
  • stress factors
  • circulatory factors
  • dehydration
  • incorrect diet
  • exposure to sunlight

Another of the recurring questions in this regard is this: "Is the use of a specific product for the eye contour so important?"
I feel like answering you and explaining that YES, it is!

The peculiarities of the eye contour

The PERIOCULAR AREA is the part of the human body in which the skin is at its minimum thickness.

In simple words what does it mean?

It means that this area will be much more delicate , sensitization and irritation reactions will be more frequent and it will need more attention to be treated.

Suffice it to say that it is a part of the human body continuously subjected to external environmental stresses (heat, cold, wind, sun, temperature changes, etc.) and continuous muscular stresses (continuous and repeated facial expressions). It is no coincidence that compared to other areas of the body, it will certainly age more quickly and also visibly.

In most cases, the products to be applied in the eye contour area are fragrance-free products, since in cosmetics it is perfumes that are considered as potentially irritating and allergenic substances, and will have a different texture from the rest of the skincare products .

Furthermore, the area around the eyes has minimal sebaceous secretion and it is also for this reason that it is one of the first areas in which expression wrinkles will appear.

The most common symptoms

The main blemishes affecting this area are certainly:

  • wrinkles around the eyes (due to loss of elasticity)
  • drooping eyelid (following the natural physiological aging process)
  • bags (edematous and caused by fluid stagnation, tend to appear with swelling)
  • dark circles (they appear darker in color and are caused by an alteration of the blood microcirculation in the area)

Also in this case there are some small rules in skincare to minimize damage or in any case prevent the appearance of some blemishes in this area.

Our advice on possible remedies

As we know, it will be very important to plan ahead and start using specific products as soon as possible depending on the age and characteristics of the skin. Furthermore, it will also be necessary to give great importance to eye make-up removal by using delicate products to be applied with slow and gentle maneuvers. Finally, it is useful to try to rest well and if necessary, resort to 'internal' aids such as collagen supplements which promote the elasticity and compactness of the tissues.

Another tip for those who regularly wear contact lenses : apply them before products since if they come into contact with the cosmetic they could easily irritate and damage the eye.

Last pill, no less important, concerns the epilation of the eyebrows , avoid often resorting to waxing the eyelid or exposing it to continuous and repeated stress because in the long run the eye could be affected and gradually become more 'droopy'.

Diro products to combat tired eyes

Now I would like to help you by recommending specific products for the area around the eyes , with simple application procedures. In the DIRO line we find 2 eye contour products:

How the products are applied could sometimes make a difference!

In this specific case there is a very important rule to respect: never go into the eye area with overly aggressive maneuvers , rubbing with cotton pads or sponges.

Second rule? Massage the products preferably with the ring finger , as it has been shown that this is the finger with which we can use the least force.

The last piece of advice I give you is to pat the product from the inside out . Only in this way will we promote the drainage of "stagnant" liquids and significantly lighten the dull and greyish complexion.

Remember that it will be preferable to apply these products 2 times a day , in the morning and in the evening. By repeating the application several times we will always leave the area hydrated and visibly smoother!

The much requested eye patches will soon enter the DIRO family. Their application is even simpler. They are nice to look at, colourful, practical and also functional, as they are already soaked in active substances which, from the first use, improve the appearance of this area, making it less marked, as well as lightened and, therefore, more beautiful.

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