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What is armochromy: seasons and palettes at the service of makeup

When looking in the mirror before going to work you happened to see yourself dull, greyish or "less beautiful", you will surely have attributed the responsibility to a wrong skincare routine , poor sleep or your old foundation.

All plausible justifications, of course. Have you ever thought about it, though, that maybe you had simply chosen the colors wrong?

Each of us has colors that we prefer, with which we feel more comfortable or which objectively suit us better than others. However, how will we understand which color is best suited to us? In this regard, in recent years we have started talking about Armocromia, friendly colors and palettes .

Armochromia: origins and meaning

Color harmony is a method that studies the relationship between colors , a real science that defines a palette of ideal shades for each season, based on the combination of skin, hair and eye color . The result will be different for everyone and will consist of 4 palettes , one for each season:

  • spring
  • summer
  • fall
  • winter

Each of these will indicate a wide range of colors (with countless shades and tones), which will characterize one person rather than another.

The purpose of this subject is not to take an individual, observe him and decide to assign him a palette, but rather to study in a scientific way which colors are friends of each of us, and by friends we mean all those colors that will highlight the our beauty!

The four characteristics on which the method is based

This method is therefore based on recognizing the chromatic characteristics of a person, which are four:

  • Undertone (warm colors and cold colors)
  • Value (indicates skin tone)
  • Intensity (degree of color saturation)
  • Contrast (obtained by combining colors with different values)

The analysis must necessarily be carried out on completely clean and make-up-free skin, without having sunbathed in the previous month and not taking into account the color of the hair, but only the face and the colors that distinguish it.

Now, I don't want to delve too much into discussions that are not within my competence, I would rather point out to you that not only wearing a shirt of one color rather than another could enhance us, but also the right choice of nail polish !

Color color and nails: a winning combination

As they say in some cases "hands are our business card" . A clichéd and obvious phrase, but often also real.

It may seem stupid but wearing a color that is not suited to our complexion and far from our palette could make us less confident and more dull.

Once we have identified our Palette, thanks to long and meticulous work, friendly colors could instead become our beauty allies .

Often even seeing that precise color on our hands will make us feel more beautiful, more confident and fitter. When choosing your nail polish, as in choosing your clothes, it is simplified by saying "I want that color because I like it". Well, correct reasoning, no one tells you to give it up, but simply to choose the right undertone or shade of that specific color.

Some examples on season/palette combinations

I will now try to simplify a rather complex topic like this, referring to my work and more practical examples , starting to put into practice what was said previously.

Spring and Autumn

"Spring" and "Autumn" women should prefer nail polishes in warmer shades starting from nudes (flesh, peach or apricot nude). Among the dark colors, they should instead prefer brick or chocolate brown colors. As for red, these "seasons" should prefer coral red and more orange reds.

Summer and Winter

"Summer" and "Winter" women will prefer all those cool shades . Starting from nudes, they should focus on milky, white or antique pink colours . Going to darken towards ruby ​​reds, aubergine, blue and, in the cases of the "Winter" season, even black . Moving on to reds, we will opt for fuchsia and raspberry .

I therefore advise you to start delving into the topic and find your season , without giving up the colors you love and like. Simply pay attention to the hue and intensity of that color.

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