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Our complete guide to using disposable masks

In Aesthetics, face masks , which today are spreading like wildfire, have always been "coded" with the acronym TPP which stands for Periodic Particular Treatments .

This underlines that they are not treatments to be carried out every day as part of our beauty routine.

Cream masks and disposable masks

In addition to the line-specific masks (in cream), DIRO offers us the possibility of simplifying with 4 disposable fabric masks which are:

The great common denominator of FACE MASKS is the following: great effectiveness and rapid and visible action/result from the moment after removing the mask from our face, with an effect that can last up to 2/3 days.

How often can you use a disposable mask?

Disposable face masks can be applied every 15/30 days or even weekly (1 or 2 per week). Otherwise we would have classified them as creams or facial cleansing products, wouldn't you say?

And then, are they that important?

Absolutely yes , especially if we want to obtain an impactful and rapid effect on our face from the first use.

Furthermore, although it is completely useless to use them daily, it is important to apply them with the right consistency if you decide to pursue a goal and want to obtain an improvement in the skin of our face, so it will be important not to limit yourself to "every now and then, if I remember ”.

The main types of disposable masks

Mainly the masks on the market are divided into two categories :

  • concentrated : these are the classic cream masks , which require a brush to apply and which guarantee excellent functionality thanks to the strong concentration of active ingredients . The skin will seem to accept the active ingredients deposited on it well and will be significantly improved after removal.
  • with occlusion : all those fabric masks (bio-cellulose, cotton, gel, etc.), also characterized by a strong presence of active ingredients, with which they will be soaked.

The application of the latter will certainly be more practical and faster, while still managing to give clearly visible results.

How to use them correctly

Also in this case, there will be some small rules to respect in order to carry out the treatment well.

Application procedure

  • Apply the mask to perfectly cleansed skin
  • Exfoliate your skin before applying the mask. In this way we will make it more receptive after the elimination of dead cells
  • If possible, apply the mask while at rest (perhaps relaxing the muscles first). It is no coincidence that in beauty salon treatments the mask is usually applied after a relaxing facial massage
  • Never apply two different masks consecutively to avoid overloading the skin, there could be the risk of causing serious damage to the epidermis
  • If necessary, apply different masks for different needs throughout the week (or month) following a specific program

How long should they be left to act

A doubt that often emerges among customers and consumers of cosmetic products is the following: "if I leave the product on the skin for longer, will I get more results?"

Here's the answer.

The installation times written on the back of the package must be respected!

Even in this case, modifying an application protocol on our own could be harmful to the skin, especially in cases of overly aggressive exfoliating products. For too long, some active ingredients could be irritating, others could excessively dehydrate the skin, making it dry, while still others could clog it.

The benefits of using face masks

Personally I consider masks as added value in our skincare routine , since they could never work alone, but they can certainly contribute to solving our aesthetic problems.

They have become a fundamental ally in this precise historical period because, forced to use masks on our faces for a long time and repeatedly, the blemishes present on the skin are increasingly numerous and insistent.

Dermatologists have identified the mask problem with the name MASKE .

The clay mask solution

In case the use of the mask causes problems on your skin, help yourself with clay-based masks so as to 'dry' and reduce some impurities.

DIRO, although not in disposable packaging, makes the clay face mask available to us in the Pure Skin line .

How to remove a mask correctly

Never remove the mask from the face with sponges that are too abrasive or irritating, always prefer cotton cloths or cotton pads soaked in water.

If possible , the water should be at a normal temperature (never too cold or too hot) and the skin should not undergo temperature changes, which are harmful both to the skin and to the capillary system.

Start by understanding what the most obvious problem with your skin is and choose the mask aimed at solving this problem.

It will be impossible not to notice a rapid and lasting improvement !

However, I reiterate the need and importance of finding your own very personal periodicity, with the help of professional figures.

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