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Sterilization and sanitization of equipment in the beauty center

How to best sterilize your beauty center

The risks of infection within beauty centers are multiple and evident, the operators most at risk are the beauticians themselves who carry out the treatments on a daily basis, for this reason it is necessary to adopt a safe and certified sterilization system capable of protecting from infections all subjects who enter the institute.

The new consolidated text on safety at work Legislative Decree 81-2008 imposes severe prevention measures against any risk relating to safety, in particular it obliges all beauty institutes to draw up a document on risk assessment and keep it available in their institute for any controls , which must contain the following information:

  • a report on the assessment of all risks to safety and health during work, which specifies the criteria adopted for the assessment itself;
  • the indication of the prevention and protection measures implemented and the individual protective devices adopted.
  • the program of measures deemed appropriate to guarantee the improvement of safety levels over time.

Failure to prepare the risk assessment document may cause the suspension of the activity by the supervisory bodies (NAS - ASL) art 4 Legislative Decree 81-2008.

The law also requires compliance with the Principle of Technological Feasibility , i.e. prevention and protection measures must be periodically updated to the state of science and the most advanced techniques.

Let us therefore analyze all the tools , products and personal protective equipment we need to ensure full compliance with these regulations.

Sterilization must be carried out on all the instruments and equipment present in the beauty centre , as well as on the room environment.

And it is precisely in closed and crowded environments, in fact where air exchange is less frequent, that viruses and bacteria can remain in circulation for several hours and contaminate fabrics and instruments that you will then use .

Therefore the sterilization of the environment should be done once a day, at least inside the cabins.

Carrying out the sterilization of the environment using PHARMA TRADE MEDICAL SPRAY is child's play, just spray a good quantity of product inside the room and let it act by closing the door behind you.

The product is absolutely not toxic , but it is better to stay outside, in fact we advise you to do it at the end of the day, before closing your centre . In the morning you will find a perfectly sterilized, fresh and lemon-scented area .

Disposable protection and clothing

Let's now move on to the most important tool, the hands of the aesthetic operator, without which the mission of this profession would fail.

Like any other tool, hands must also be disinfected and protected with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE)

In particular, the PPE that must be used are disposable gloves (available in latex , nitrile, or vinyl, in different colors and sizes), airway protection masks , disposable aprons , and protective visors .

Furthermore, the use of protective barriers suitable to prevent exposure of the skin and mucous membranes is necessary in cases where accidental contact with blood or other biological liquids is foreseeable.

Therefore, to limit this risk we recommend the daily use of PHARMA SOAP , a dual function soap that cleanses and disinfects the skin without irritating, reduces the presence of pathogenic or unwanted microorganisms on the hands and skin, preventing the spread of infections, and the use as needed of PHARMASIL , a ready-to-use painless liquid disinfectant for intact skin, which quickly eliminates pathogenic or unwanted microorganisms from the hands or skin , is non-greasy and has a pleasant lemon scent.

Between one customer and another, at the beginning and end of the work shift, it is also important to clean all horizontal surfaces which are washable and disinfectable, which may come into contact with the skin, such as worktops, sunbeds , armchairs , stools , tables and trolleys .

A fast and safe method to sterilize this equipment is IMPREDIS SOFT HANDKERCHIEF . They are practical handkerchiefs whose alcohol-free composition is active on HIV, HBV, HCV viruses and is perfect for treating all plexiglass, plastic or synthetic leather worktops . Just rub the tissue on the surface and leave it to act for at least 15 minutes.

Finally, we analyze the products and/or equipment necessary to guarantee correct and safe sterilization of the instruments such as:

Autoclave sterilization

The most technologically and scientifically advanced equipment is undoubtedly the Autoclave .

The Autoclave is simple and easy to use, and ensures 100% complete sterilization of the instruments through a completely automatic and safe thermal process that uses the saturated steam technique under pressure and destroys every microorganism and spore present in the instrument.

It certainly requires an initial financial sacrifice, since it is a fairly expensive device, but this effort will be repaid in the short term as it will allow you to speed up your work and acquire greater professionalism.

If you choose the most advanced model, i.e. the S class Kronos Autoclave , in addition to sterilizing wrapped instruments, it is equipped with an integrated printer which gives immediate visibility of the sterilization that has taken place.

The receipt issued by the printer has the value of legal proof in the event of a dispute , in fact the beautician must always be able to demonstrate that he has sterilized the instruments, and this is refutable proof. Therefore the Autoclave represents the future of every beauty center.

If you don't have this equipment and are not yet prepared to make such an investment, don't worry, you can sterilize your instruments safely and practically with the following products. We also remember that not all instruments are autoclavable.

Sterilization products

PHARMASTERIL is a ready-to-use disinfectant suitable for sterilizing aesthetic instruments and particularly resistant worktops. Formulated from chlorhexidine and 2 quaternary ammonium salts in ethyl and propyl alcohol solution which has a strong action on HIV, HBV and HCV viruses . It is available in spray or in convenient disposable tissues .

sterilization of beauty center products

SEPTALDEIDE is a ready-to-use disinfectant ideal for sterilizing surgical and aesthetic equipment and instruments based on surfactant glutaraldehyde with lemon essence. Effective against gram+, gram- bacteria, fungi, spores, HIV, HBV, HCV viruses.

septaldehyde sterilizer

If you prefer a more convenient solution, UDENIL ST is for you. It is the only product that is not ready for use and that is in powder form based on peracetic acid.

Impredis Soft disinfectant handkerchiefs

To use it you need to dissolve 20g of product for each liter of water, this generates a chemical-physical balance which leads to the formation of a principle with high germicidal potential, determining complete biocidal activity against spores, HIV, HBV and HCV viruses, bacteria including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of TB, and fungi. Active in 15 minutes, it can also be used with ultrasound devices.

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