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Cosmetic treatments - scrubs and body creams


Lots of physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet are essential to maintain a young and fit body but these efforts are not sufficient without the use of appropriate cosmetics.

The skin is the largest organ of our body and is constantly stressed by atmospheric agents (sun, wind, cold, heat), and atmospheric pollutants which damage the epidermis, lowering the level of hydration and favoring the onset of wrinkles, premature aging and spots.

It is therefore very important to take care of it by using daily cosmetic treatments such as scrubs, body creams, bandages that allow you to hydrate, nourish and smooth the skin, counteract sagging skin and refine the silhouette, for a brighter, more beautiful and healthier appearance of our body.


The removal of dead cells is essential for the natural regeneration of skin at any age, which is why it is recommended to exfoliate the body once a week.

The DIRO Body Scrub contains vegetal granules made up of hazelnut and almond shells, whose mechanical action stimulates cell renewal , leaving the skin more compact, soft and smooth.

The skin on the body is generally much drier than that on the face as it has fewer sebaceous glands, so it is necessary to moisturize it daily.

The Nutriskin Diro cream is rich in natural active ingredients (Aloe, Mallow and Hyaluronic Acid Extracts) which deeply nourishes the skin, restoring the right level of hydration, furthermore its creamy texture facilitates massage, allowing a better distribution of its functional principles .

NUTRISKIN - Moisturizing and Nourishing Body Cream

To treat skin blemishes caused by cellulite and adiposity and to increase the tone and elasticity of the tissues, we can rely on the Rassotonic body cream with DIRO ivy and centella extract .


Its formulation composed of ingredients of completely natural origin contributes to the elimination of toxins , strengthening and stimulating skin microcirculation , it also activates local fat metabolism and promotes draining processes, accelerating the skin's repair process, for a slimming and firming effect.

Another precious ally of our skin useful for combating the skin blemishes of cellulite is DIRO Lipocream . More precisely, this cosmetic treatment, based on natural active ingredients such as Carnitine, Caffeine and Organic Iodine with smoothing, lipolytic and vessel protective properties, gives elasticity to the skin, improving its tone and reducing the thickness of the orange peel tissue.

Lipocream - Carnitine Body Cream


Hot and cold body wraps are an indispensable weapon for treating skin imperfections , such as cellulite, reduced tone and adiposity.

Our range of highly professional disposable bandages are already soaked in product and are therefore ready to use, just apply them directly to the areas to be treated and leave on for 30 to 60 minutes, for an effective result from the first applications.

Its disposable and ready-to-use format makes application very easy and immediate even for less experienced beauticians , plus it will optimize your time and reduce waste as much as possible, just choose from the following treatments.

Neutral Reducing Bandage - SLIM CELL

It reduces the circumference, reshapes the silhouette, regresses and eliminates local swelling for smooth and uniform skin . Thanks to its lipotic and drainage properties of stagnant liquids, it is capable of splitting fats from local adiposity and reducing lipids.


Neutral Saline Bandage - HYMALAIA PINK SALT

Effective remedy against water retention, it reactivates skin microcirculation, helps eliminate toxins and revitalizes the skin , improving tissue elasticity and skin hydration.

Neutral Saline Bandage - HYMALAIA PINK SALT

Cold bandage - CRIO TONIC

With a toning and stimulating action, it brings benefits to muscle tone and increases blood circulation, improving cellular nourishment . It makes the skin more toned, homogeneous and velvety for a body with more defined contours and appearance.


Hot bandage - CELL EFFECT

This bandage has lipolytic and draining properties on stagnant liquids, breaks down fats from local adiposity and reduces lipids .

It empties liquids from areas prone to cellulite and reshapes the silhouette, reduces the circumference and leaves the skin smooth and uniform with a reduction of the "orange peel" effect, it also reduces fat mass and regresses local swelling.

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