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Skin aging: causes and prevention tips

Skin aging of the skin , face and body is an annoying topic, even just because of the very use of the word 'aging'. It is a complex and fortunately gradual process (so that we can gradually get used to the idea) which affects our entire organism and which is certainly influenced by various factors.

So at the exact moment in which we start to ask ourselves whether the time has come to buy and use an "anti-aging" cream rather than a "lifting" one... it is evidently because we have already seen our skin in a different condition from how it we saw until recently.

Dry skin as the first clue

When the skin aging process has begun, our skin will first of all send us explicit signals by showing itself to be drier, less elastic and with a duller complexion, forming the so-called "skin blemishes" or, in some cases, the creation of the dreaded wrinkles. The change will affect not only the most superficial layer of the skin (epidermis) , but also the underlying layer (dermis) up to the deepest one (hypodermis) .

When your skin starts to age

I'll give you some 'good' news!

The skin begins to age from the moment we are born and in particular after the age of 25 (good news given that at 25 we are actually and still feel very young) the production of collagen and elastin begins to decrease, therefore from this from then on it will require some more attention.

The CAUSES of aged skin are innumerable (we will delve into them later), but remember that the state of health of our skin depends very much on how WE manage to treat it and keep it in good condition .

The skin is the largest organ of our body (yes, it is indeed an organ) and constitutes for us the first and best defense against external aggressions. For us human beings, the integumentary system (skin) is a PROTECTION and acts as a MEDIATOR between the organism and the external world... by external world we mean atmospheric agents, dust, smog, sun, water, heat or cold. In short, it absolutely needs to be looked after on a daily basis .

Our facial skin supplements from the Time Control line

The DIRO products of the Time Control line were created with Botox-like peptides and plant stem cells to guarantee a good preventive anti-wrinkle effect.

The line includes:

How to care for facial skin and prevent skin aging: our anti-aging protocol

The advice I give you is certainly to avoid thickening of the stratum corneum (epidermis) by ensuring periodic exfoliation . Only in this way will all the active ingredients present in the cosmetic products we choose guarantee the result for which we chose them!

After exfoliating your skin, offer it comfort with the products you prefer, and if I can give you some advice... take 10 minutes for YOU every evening in front of the mirror. How? Clean your face well and while applying your skincare products , try massaging with movements (more or less pressing, this depends on your preference) from bottom to top.

The force of gravity causes our skin to be pulled downwards - see the much-feared drooping cheeks effect - so counteract this tendency with a self-massage that pushes it upwards , thus also promoting the resumption of circulation ( which is decisive for the dull and greyish complexion) and the attenuation of those micro- wrinkles of expression on the face.

The skin needs continuous stimulation and the muscles of the face should not be considered less important than those of any other part of our body.

The main causes of skin aging

In summary, our skin ages due to :

  • loss of elastic tissue (elastin)
  • loss of muscle tissue
  • fat reduction
  • force of gravity
  • smoking (negative reactions on tone and hydration)
  • stress (due to the production of glucocorticoid hormones)
  • damage from ultraviolet radiation (photoaging)
  • toxic substances (e.g. drugs, preservatives , etc.)
  • alterations of the skin's protective barrier (alteration of the hydrolipidic thread)
  • genetic and familial anatomical characteristics
  • hormonal influence (a deficiency of hormones leads to the suffering of all connective tissues)

So, how can we slow down skin aging?

In light of all this, I can only be honest in telling you that clearly we will never be able to oppose the natural process of skin aging , but we will be able to prevent and slow down these processes by treating it and making it as healthy and in good condition as possible (both in terms of appearance and that as a function).

As? I hope it won't be difficult to understand after the previous insights. Get started right away!

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