Odor stop 20 Gr - 2 Envelopes

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Emollient, deodorant breech treatment with long-lasting activity of 4/5 weeks. With combined action, it normalizes sweating and eliminates bad odor.


The package contains two sachets: Sachet no. 1 to be dissolved in a container of 4/5 liters of warm water, keeping your feet immersed for 15 minutes. Sachet no. 2 to be sprinkled over the entire surface of the still damp feet, especially between the interdigital spaces and on the sole of the foot. Subsequently, wear stockings or tights made of natural fibres, removing them only at night, without washing your feet. The following day, wear the stockings or tights from the previous day again. The treatment ends only in the afternoon of the second day.

We recommend treatment in the morning or before a sporting event.


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