Perm Lash Keratin Boost Kit + Color

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Eyelash lamination or lash lift is a treatment that nourishes the hair with keratin-based products and vitamins capable of curling natural eyelashes. It can also be carried out before applying the extension in case of difficult eyelashes.

With this advanced technique, a permanent curvature of the eyelashes will be created which can last up to 6/8 weeks. Furthermore, thanks to the use of colour, which restores tone to the eyelashes, we can have a surprising result for a semi-permanent mascara effect. Furthermore, with the addition of KARATIN BOOST, we will give the eyelashes thickness, strength and resistance.


– Cream#1: Cream that opens the cuticles of the eyelashes/eyebrows
allowing greater flexibility to give the right curvature.

– Cream#2: Cream that fixes the shape given to the eyelashes/eyebrows. 8ml.

– Black Coating Perm Lash: Intense Black Color

– Fixing Gel Perm Lash: Ideal gel for fixing eyelashes in silicon forms. 8ml.

Pure Essenze: Moisturizing oil for eyelashes

– Keratin Boost Perm Lash : Keratin-based oil with a plumping effect.

– Silicon Form: Silicone forms with different thicknesses depending on the type of lashes, 5 pairs.


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