Wax in Zinc Oxide Cartridge RO.IAL

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RO.IAL Zinc Oxide Wax is an extra soft and extremely thin fat-soluble wax when applied, ideal for the treatment of very delicate areas and skin, subject to irritability. Recommended for customers who are undergoing hair removal treatment for the first time and in cases of particularly difficult hair removal. It melts at very low temperatures and leaves no residual trace. 100ml cartridge.

Highly professional product

Produced in Italy


Insert the depilatory wax cartridge into the appropriate wax heater and bring the wax to complete melting. Once the use temperature has been reached, apply a thin layer of wax according to the direction of hair growth. Rest the tear strip of fabric and tear in the direction opposite to hair growth.

The wax does not dirty, any residue can be removed with water. After cleaning, apply a milk or a oil Moisturizing and soothing after-wax to prevent redness and make the skin soft and luminous.


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