Organic Chamomile Wax in Cartridge RO.IAL

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RO.IAL Bio Chamomile Wax in Cartridge is a fat-soluble wax made with high cosmetic quality raw materials, together with organic plant extracts. Bio Roial wax is free of synthetic fragrances, silicone, parabens and GMOs

400 ml jar.

Highly professional product

Produced in Italy


Insert the jar of depilatory wax into the appropriate container wax heater after opening it and heating it for approximately 45 sec. The heating time may vary depending on the residual quantity in the jar and the power of the wax heater. Mix with one spatula until the wax takes on the viscosity of honey and check that the temperature of the wax is compatible with the skin. Using the wax spreader apply a thin layer of wax according to the direction of hair growth. Rest the tear strip of fabric and tear in the direction opposite to hair growth. The wax does not dirty, any residue can be removed with water. After cleaning, apply a milk or a oil Moisturizing and soothing after-wax to prevent redness and make the skin soft and luminous.


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