Mango Multidirectional Brazilian Wax - 12 Pcs

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Brazilian Wax MULTIDIRECTIONAL Xanitalia was born from an innovative formulation without rosin and with latest generation hydrocarbon resins. It melts at low temperatures, is applied on small and large areas and can be torn off directly without using depilatory strips in a practical and fast, almost painless way, since the wax only incorporates the hair and does not stick to the skin like traditional waxes. Ideal for sensitive skin, it is effective even on very short hair and gives the skin pleasant hydration and softness, also guarantees longer duration of hair removal up to 6 weeks.

Weight: 1kg

Pack of 12 pieces


1 - Heat the wax in a special wax heater.

2 - Continue heating until the wax is completely melted, blended and lukewarm, acquiring a creamy consistency.

3 - Before hair removal, check the temperature of the wax by applying a small amount on the inside of your wrist.

4 - Take the wax with the disposable wooden spatula and spread a thin and uniform layer on the area to be epilated. Leave a thicker edge of the wax strip to make it easier to tear off.

5 - Let the wax cool, slightly raise the edge at the end of the wax strip, then pull with a quick tear in the opposite direction to the application.

6 - After hair removal, apply a special post-hair removal product to remove any wax residue and leave the skin clean and soft.


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