Airock Evo - Cordless Table Vacuum Cleaner

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This ambitious product, conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy, is equipped with a powerful motor specially designed to keep your workstation clean. In addition to cleaning, Airock was designed for the safety of every nail technician as the dust generated during the filing processes often causes chronic diseases.

During work, a large amount of dust is formed which negatively affects health.

The most harmful particles are precisely those that we cannot see, with a diameter of less than 5 microns, which remain in the air for a long time and easily penetrate the airways. These invisible powders cause respiratory diseases as well as eye diseases, as the materials used to make nail reconstruction products are rich in resins and synthetic components.

The safety of filing dust is a topic that is often not treated with the importance it deserves, minimizing an obvious critical issue. Having made this brief introduction, the reasons why we developed Airock are evident.

The Pe. Beauty Tech, after years of experience gained in the nails sector, decided to face this new challenge, succeeding in creating an aesthetically appealing machine with high performances.

Very high construction quality standards, premium materials, low consumption and maximum safety are the foundations on which the entire project was built. Unprecedented suction: thanks to the innovative and powerful latest generation motor.

In addition to its attractive and elegant design, Airock is equipped with a premium quality steel case (Stainless Steel) and the high quality production standards make it the ideal product for those who want to work in complete safety without sacrificing elegance and design.

Power: 60 Watts

Output voltage: 12V

Input voltage: 100-240V

Measures: 288*288*97mm

Noise: 75dB±5%

Vibrations: absent

Engine life: 50,000 hours

Engine Airflow: 284 m3

Certifications: THERE IS

Component certification: CE, Rohs, Ukca

Accessories: Pillows, filters, power supply

Number of engines: 2 Blowers


Maximum comfort for the customer thanks to the practical hand-embroidered ergonomic hand rest cushion.

This accessory is easily positioned thanks also to the anti-slip mechanism with which it is equipped. Four anti-scratch plexiglass pins that fit perfectly into the extractor grate to work in the best possible way.

The cushion was also made entirely in Italy by expert craftsmen using the best materials.


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