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How to choose the right waxing for your clients

Waxing is the most widespread and effective method of hair removal , since if performed by a professional it guarantees slower and more uniform hair regrowth and therefore smooth skin for at least 4 weeks.

Although it is certainly the least pleasant and practical method compared to other DIY hair removal methods, such as the razor or depilatory creams, it is advisable to adopt this solution, so as to avoid faster hair regrowth and the possible appearance of skin irritation , folliculitis and ingrown hairs.

Let's therefore try to understand how to choose the best waxing for each part of the body and for the characteristics of the skin , analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Traditional depilatory wax

Traditional depilatory wax is the must have of the category . It is the most widespread among beauty centers thanks to its versatility and practicality which makes it suitable for every skin type and area to be treated.

In general, application is preferred in areas where the hair is more concentrated such as on the legs and arms rather than in areas where there is a concentration of glands such as in the case of armpits and groin.

In any case, the great advantage that traditional wax offers is the possibility of choosing the perfect one for your needs and those of your customers.

In fact, in addition to being available in 3 different formats: in a jar the most common, in a cartridge the most practical and in pearls the cheapest , we can choose between various types, each with precise characteristics.

For example, if you need to treat delicate and irritable skin, zinc oxide wax is the one for you as it has hydrating, protective and emollient properties.

For summer use , during which our tanned skin is particularly dry and dehydrated, you can indulge yourself by choosing between Aloe Vera , Pink Titanium , Talc , Chocolate or Awapuhi wax .

There are also types of waxes suitable for every skin type, and for every season such as the scented Lavender ,Berry , Honey or transparent Aquaria wax .

In short, there is something for all tastes.

Arabic depilatory wax (sugar paste)

The Arab depilatory wax , more commonly called sugar paste, was born from the ancient technique of Sugaring which dates back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, for whom the healing and antibacterial effects of sugar were already known, in fact it was used for body care , to disinfect wounds, accelerating healing

Brazilian wax

And it is precisely from sugar with the addition of lemon and water that Arab waxing was born , the first method of hair removal, it is said that even Cleopatra used it regularly.

This 100% natural wax is applied at body temperature and can be torn off directly without using strips, it leaves no residue, and is very delicate, since the sugar present is able to stick to the hair without affecting the skin , therefore the tearing is much gentler, therefore limiting the risk of irritation whilst allowing the removal of even the shortest hairs (1-3 millimetres).

It is therefore ideal for treating sensitive skin and delicate areas such as the face, armpits and groin.

Brazilian depilatory wax

Brazilian wax has similar characteristics to sugar paste, meaning it also spreads at body temperature, can be torn without using strips, and is a very delicate treatment on the skin.

This wax has great elasticity which allows you to spread a single large strip of product and not break when removed, therefore it is perfect for treating even large areas such as legs and arms.

Brazilian wax I say aesthetic pros and cons

In a single tear it is capable of eliminating even the shortest hairs, leaving soft and silky hydrated skin for up to 6 weeks , longer than traditional wax.

In addition to being a very quick hair removal method, it is also very delicate, in fact it is particularly suitable for treating both the most sensitive and irritable skin and sensitive areas such as the groin.

Brazilian wax is available in the practical pearl format, which allows you to dose the product while minimizing waste.

Furthermore, we can choose between different types, each with precise characteristics , from rosin-free wax, suitable for customers who suffer from allergy irritation, to Aloe Vera, Argan and Honey wax.

Please, whatever your choice, it is always important that it is made with a view to using it on your customers , do not underestimate their perception and preferences.

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